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Murderous Decisions®
Murder Mystery Flexi Party®

For Hosts

This website is a great way of sharing character information immediately with guests. Find the game you're playing in the list above and click the 'Email This Page' button to pre-fill an email to your guests - either from the game page or for individual characters. You can try it now from this home page too! If your game is listed more than once please choose either Murder Mystery Flexi Party® or Murderous Decisions® to match the version you've ordered.

For Guests

Congratulations on being invited to a fun packed evening of murder mystery! Please select the game you are playing from the list above. You'll see a list of suspects and you'll be able to get costume information and a little bit more for each character. If your game is listed more than once it's been updated but the suspect information will be the same whatever you choose!

Just visiting?

You can find out guest information for all our games on this website, and if anything takes your fancy, check out the buy links above and get yourself ready to party!