You've been invited to play the role of BET BLACK in Murder in Las Vegas. It’s the first anniversary of the launch of the multi-million dollar Sweaty Palms hotel and casino. Only a few hand-picked guests are invited to celebrate by the hotel’s owner, Roland Ewynn. But during the big event, Roland is found dead, slumped over his office desk. Host your own party to find out who cashed in Roland’s chips!

Your costume suggestion

Pit Boss (give her a spin, you just might win!) Costume suggestion : Black by name, black by dress sense, you like to give the impression of being in a position of authority and your black shirt and trousers do just that. The feminine side of you chooses lipstick and matching nail varnish to complete your look. You use a security earpiece to report your findings to those in charge upstairs.

About you...

Use this information to introduce yourself to your fellow guests.

You have a reputation for being the fiercest pit-boss in Vegas. In fact, you’re known on the strip as “Hawkeyes” because nothing gets past your steely gaze. You’ve been working at the Sweaty Palms since it opened so you knew Roland pretty well and you’re determined to find out who murdered him. Needless to say, you’re watching each and every one of your fellow suspects tonight, so they’d all better be careful.