You've been invited to play the role of HUMP ZEALOT in Murder in Transylvania. Who killed Sonya Right? Welcome to Castle Gladjorhere, home of the world’s one and only Transvampire with a soul! Visitors from all walks of life have come to witness the thrills and chills of this genuine Transylvanian house of horror, all of which will be revealed by the resident tour guide Sonya Right. But shortly after dinner Sonya is found in her room with two small puncture wounds in her neck. Join us to find out who sucked the life out of her!

Your costume suggestion

The Count’s manservant (he’s always on the job!) Costume Suggestion : Your top coat and tails sit snugly over the enormous hump on your back, however, they’re covered in dust and cobwebs. You are always at the ready with cigar lighter and silver tray for the guests.

About you...

Use this information to introduce yourself to your fellow guests.

Together with Sonya Right, you helped Count Gladjorhere establish Castle Gladjorhere as THE hottest place to visit in Transylvania. Your main duties are fetching and carrying, but in your free time you like to swing from the belfry and pretend you’re mad.