You've been invited to play the role of WILLETT FLY in Murder on the SS Titanium. The SS Titanium has launched from New York on its maiden voyage and the specially invited passengers prepare to celebrate. But, before the first cork can be popped, disaster strikes. Captain E Slost is found overboard, floating on an iceberg with a bullet in his chest! You are invited to join us to help solve the mystery of the “Murder on the SS Titanium”

Your costume suggestion

Plane designer (he can’t keep anything up for 30 seconds!) Costume Suggestion: In wire-rimmed spectacles, bow tie and braces, you’ve got the look of an inventor to a tee. You carry a tape measure and a pair of compasses to help you design your latest contraptions and a pencil is always safely tucked behind your ear. And, of course, you never go anywhere without a spanner.

About you...

Use this information to introduce yourself to your fellow guests.

Hello, pleased to meet you all, my name is Willett Fly and I am an inventor, especially of all things flying, such as kites, planes, hot air balloons and those giant wings you strap onto your arms. I’m still tinkering with my latest invention, which must remain top secret for now so those pesky Russians don’t steal it. But rest assured, when it is finished, it will both amaze and astound you with its visionary-ness!