You've been invited to play the role of COLE DENCHUI in Death of a Chef. Head Chef Russell Uppermeal has invited friends and colleagues to help him celebrate receiving the “Most Ridiculously Expensive Meal” award for his Battered Oysters in Unicorn Sauce. But before the evening is over, Russell is found murdered, sawn into pieces! You are invited to join us to help solve the mystery of the “Death of a Chef”

Your costume suggestion

Waiter (he puts the wait in waiting!) Costume Suggestions : Dressed in your waiter’s uniform of black trousers, white shirt, red waistcoat and red bow tie, you would almost be indistinguishable from any other waiter were it not for your strong Italian accent. You’re never seen without a silver serving tray in hand and a small notebook and pen for jotting down orders from those annoying customers.

About you...

Use this information to introduce yourself to your fellow guests.

My name is Cole Denchui. I am from Italy, and I work here at The Effingham as a waiter. One day I plan to be a great chef, far greater than Russell Uppermeal whose creations were bland and uninspired and left an extremely unpleasant taste in my mouth. The culinary world will not mourn his passing half as strongly as it despaired at his dishes!