You've been invited to play the role of LARA CLEFT in Murder at the Pyramids. Egypt, 1924, and archaeologist June Digger has made the most incredible discovery of the century. Friends and luminaries have gathered to witness her findings but before anyone can say “Tutankhamun”, June is found dead, killed with a poison dart shot from a blowpipe. This was no curse, this was murder! Host your own party to find out who snuffed June’s candle!

Your costume suggestion

Rival Archaeologist (she looks great raiding tombs!) Costume Suggestions : Your tight navy blue t-shirt and khaki shorts make you ready for tomb raiding action. Hiking boots and big socks might not sound very sexy, but they look great on you, especially when you’re leaping around. Finish off the ready-for-action look with fingerless gloves and a weapon of your choice.

About you...

Use this information to introduce yourself to your fellow guests.

I am Lara Cleft, the famous explorer and archaeologist. I was sadly orphaned as a young girl and have used my enormous inheritance to travel the globe, seeking out booby-trapped tombs wherever I go. When I heard about this latest discovery of an ancient tomb here in Bairo, I couldn’t stay away!