You've been invited to play the role of JACK DON in Murder In The Office. Who killed the boss? Everyone has stayed after work to attend Rupert Maxwell’s retirement party. Not because they like him, but because they want to make sure he is really going, once and for all. With no expense spared, his P.A. has organised an Eighties throwback disco and the cheapest bubbly money can buy - but just as the party starts the bloated M.D. falls down dead. Find out who made Maxwell’s party a real choker!

Your costume suggestion

Office junior (he gets the sticky jobs no-one else wants!) Costume : Casual in shirt and trousers without tie, your prized possession is a wooden spoon that you carry around with you, after winning it for being worst employee of the month. You have trouble hearing people over the tinny beat of your personal stereo.

About you...

Use this information to introduce yourself to your fellow guests.

You’re 18 years old. You left school at 16 with good grades and were very surprised when your Uncle Rupert offered you a job because you weren’t that close when you were a kid. Maxwell promised to teach you everything he knew as long as you were prepared to start on the ground floor as an office junior. You only hope that one day you can be as successful as he is.