You've been invited to play the role of KARMA PHILLIE in Murder at Berryam Stables. A murder mystery set in the fast-paced world of horse racing. World famous jockey Franklie D’Orsy is guest of honour at a party celebrating his 99th straight win. But before his guests can toast his success, he is found dead in the stables, strangled with his own whip! You are invited to join us to help solve the mystery of the “Murder at Berryam Stables”.

Your costume suggestion

Horse Whisperer (one word in your ear and you’ll do anything for her!) Costume Suggestions : You think the horses like your understated style, and your jeans, polo shirt and body warmer allow you to converse with them naturally. Being from the new generation of horse whisperers means that you occasionally use a large megaphone in your work and you record your progress on a dictaphone. Whispering is so last decade.

About you...

Use this information to introduce yourself to your fellow guests.

As a passionate animal lover and strict vegan, I might not be the most likely person to be found at a racetrack. However, from a very young age I discovered I had a special bond with horses and I decided I should use those skills where they were most needed, by soothing the troubled racehorses at Berryam Stables!