Dick Dekker

You've been invited to play the role of Dick Dekker in Murder on Starship Deathstation IV. The infamous Engineer Snotty has just finished the plans for the greatest operational space station of all time, and now he’s invited all sorts of scum and villainy from the across the galaxy to bid for them. But before the auction can begin, Snotty is found in pieces, literally, on the wrong end of a laser-sword! Can you boldly go and find his killer before they strike back again?!

Your costume suggestion

CAPTAIN DICK DEKKER is a retired knife-sprinter who still walks around in his trademark brown trenchcoat. Checkered shirt (with matching tie), lighter trousers and a holstered gun show Dick always means business.

About you...

Captain Dekker was born old, and immediately wanted to join law enforcement to partner his jaded out- look on life. A loner, Dekker took to hunting duplicants (aka cyborgs) because he could empathise with them. Later, he realised he empathised a little too much and fell in love with Roberta, a duplicant he was supposed to hunt down. Nowadays he spends his time hiding Roberta from the powers-that-be and other Knife Sprinters (hunters of duplicants) in the hopes they can share a long and happy life together.

I’m Captain Dick Dekker, former Knife Sprinter and law enforcement officer. You may have met my partner, Roberta. We’re both here seeking information from Snotty but unfortunately neither of us got to speak to him before he was murdered. I’ve also lost my ‘Vote Camp’ machine which tests whether someone is human or not. If anybody finds it please can they give it back.