Dah Fader

You've been invited to play the role of Dah Fader in Murder on Starship Deathstation IV. The infamous Engineer Snotty has just finished the plans for the greatest operational space station of all time, and now he’s invited all sorts of scum and villainy from the across the galaxy to bid for them. But before the auction can begin, Snotty is found in pieces, literally, on the wrong end of a laser-sword! Can you boldly go and find his killer before they strike back again?!

Your costume suggestion

DAH FADER is a dark sauce master! Dah prefers a traditional timeless look and will wear anything - as long as it’s black, and preferably doubles as body armor. Black facemask and boots along with a bottle of sauce (or laser-sword) show Dah’s not to be messed with.

About you...

As a young man Dah wanted to make the galaxy a better place, learning his sauce powers from Master Goader. But he was soon seduced by the power of the dark sauce, and decided to try and make the galaxy ‘his’ place instead. Nowadays, Master Fader runs dark sauce training camps for indecisive sauce users, whilst holding a top position in galaxy government. He’s still constantly looking for ways to improve his grip over the universe in general.

I am Dah Fader, sauce master. My interest in Snotty’s plans is purely for galactic domination purposes. Someone has stolen my laser sword, so there will likely be a second murder shortly. I have been in my chambers all day, until I was so rudely interrupted to join you all here. Which reminds me - there will likely be a third murder. Also, I spotted Jingle Boba Frog when I got here yesterday. Perhaps there was a bounty on Snotty’s head?