Rip Leigh

You've been invited to play the role of Rip Leigh in Murder on Starship Deathstation IV. The infamous Engineer Snotty has just finished the plans for the greatest operational space station of all time, and now he’s invited all sorts of scum and villainy from the across the galaxy to bid for them. But before the auction can begin, Snotty is found in pieces, literally, on the wrong end of a laser-sword! Can you boldly go and find his killer before they strike back again?!

Your costume suggestion

RIP LEIGH is the sole survivor of an alien infested research ship. She has changed her clothes since then, but is comforted by wearing jump suits or anything resembling camouflage (in case she has to hide again) She’s also comforted by carrying around an enourmous assault rifle.

About you...

Rip became a veteran space traveller at the age of three, comfortable with deep freeze sleeping and piloting ships (although that came a little later). Having made several jumps on the Starship Infestation, she suspected it was only a matter of time before they would befall the same fate as their name. Answering a distress beacon on an alien planet ended up with all the crew dead and just Rip Leigh to tell the tale. Nowadays Rip Leigh spends her time consulting on aliens and looking after her beloved cat, Jones, who she rescued from the alien planet that killed her original crew.

I’m Lieutenant Rip Leigh, sole survivor of a research ship which became infected with aliens. Due to the recurring psychological issues I’m dealing with I was hiding in a ventilation shaft at the time of the murder, and indeed have been for much of this journey. I was bidding for the plans on behalf of a merchant navy, as they wanted to build a permanent floating presence, and I personally wanted to see its new patented ‘Alien-Away’ pesticide system in operation. I’ve also lost my cat, Jones. If you see his stomach throbbing don’t go near him.