You've been invited to play the role of BUNNY BOILER in Murder in Hollywoodland. You're invited to a star-studded yacht party, as Lucas Cameronburg is shooting the biggest blockbuster ever made! But before he can say "That's a wrap!", he's hit over the head with his Goldguy award and pushed overboard! Join us to find out who cut Cameronburg from his own film!

Your costume suggestion

Deciding what to wear in the morning is one of the biggest challenges you face. How’s a girl supposed to choose between a baby doll nightie, a bikini or a bunny costume? Whatever you choose, you have a pair of kitten heels to match, as well as an actual kitten and fingernails that could scratch someone’s eye out (and have).

About you...

Abandoned by your father and raised by a strict mother, you were an unpopular child with unfashionable clothes, braces and - worst of all - brown hair. As soon as you turned 16, you dyed your hair blonde, got a boob job, and headed for the big city where you quickly landed in the right lap at the right time. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of photo shoots and pool parties. It would be a dream come true if you didn’t have some teensy weensy anger issues...

Hi, I’m Bunny Boiler. I’m a Playdoll model. I met Cameronburg when I was pole dancing. He was so head over heels in love with me that he moved me straight into his giant pink dreamhouse with all the other Playdolls - WHO ARE ALL BITCHES!! I like kittens, rainbows, pillow fights and RIPPING THE STILL BEATING HEART FROM DOVES!! It’s such a bummer that Lucas is dead. He was letting me use his private jet to go to St Tropez tomorrow. Anyway, if I hide when the police turn up, it’s not because I killed him. It’s just because I’m really, really not supposed to be here.