You've been invited to play the role of DEADWOOD CULLEN in Murder in Hollywoodland. You're invited to a star-studded yacht party, as Lucas Cameronburg is shooting the biggest blockbuster ever made! But before he can say "That's a wrap!", he's hit over the head with his Goldguy award and pushed overboard! Join us to find out who cut Cameronburg from his own film!

Your costume suggestion

Dark, brooding, soulful - and that’s just your hair. Your casual denim jacket is black, your v-neck t-shirt is white, your eyes are deep and oh so dreamy. Effortless style comes…effortlessly to you, so much so you don’t even have to brush your hair in the morning. Red rimmed eyes and a death-warmed-up complexion complete the look.

About you...

Spotty Spotterson was not your real name, but kids at school called you that anyway. When you shed your zits in later life you blossomed into a chisel-chinned Adonis that could smile his way into (or out of) most situations. Initially you worked hard to please everybody but as your fame and stardom grew you became selfish and arrogant. Currently you’re going through a phase where you believe you’re a vampire.

Hi, I’m Deadwood Cullen. You probably know me already from classics like “I Know Who You Kissed Last Winter”, “The Vampire Dairy” and the rom-com “Decidedly Iffy”. Although I’m ruggedly handsome and charming, I’m actually also very modest. I’ve slept with most of you. Don't pretend you don't remember! So it’s really a conflict of interest me being involved in any kind of investigation, especially since I spent a night with the victim too. I’m also moody, mysterious, and part vampire. And before you ask, I was asleep at the time of the murder, below deck in my coffin.