You've been invited to play the role of MISTY VISIONS in Murder at the Manor. Lord Heathcliff is throwing a swanky dinner party in honour of his new bride. All the usual suspects are there - the vicar, the cook, the professor - plus a few unusual ones. But dinner will never be served because Lord Heathcliff is hit over the head with a candlestick just as he's taking his customary afternoon swim. You're invited to find out who snuffed out his candle!

Your costume suggestion

You’re a free spirit in floaty fabrics, adorned with scarves, belts, bangles and big earrings. You’re often seen listening to unseen forces or reading strangers’ palms.

About you...

Your psychic powers started when you were a child - you used to see shadowy figures in your room at night, but only when you were asleep. Since then, you’ve worked hard to develop your foresight, using cards to determine the best time of day to make a cup of tea. You regularly consult the spirit world on all matters including what to wear and whether to answer the phone when it rings, and with regular public demonstrations of your powers, you have made quite a reputation for yourself in the village.

My name is Misty Visions and I am a psychic. I knew that Lord Heathcliff would die today - that’s why I’m here. Well, that and he hired me for the party as a special wedding gift for his new wife. I know that Lord Heathcliff’s sudden, violent death is upsetting which is why I’m offering a half-price tarot consultation with every palm reading I do tonight. Could Death be on the cards for you too?