You've been invited to play the role of SIERRA TANGO in Murder at the Manor. Lord Heathcliff is throwing a swanky dinner party in honour of his new bride. All the usual suspects are there - the vicar, the cook, the professor - plus a few unusual ones. But dinner will never be served because Lord Heathcliff is hit over the head with a candlestick just as he's taking his customary afternoon swim. You're invited to find out who snuffed out his candle!

Your costume suggestion

Your knee-length black skirt, black tights and white blouse give you that ‘officer on the beat’ look, but those shoes don‘t look regulation. You’re happy to demonstrate proper use of the handcuffs and baton that you carry at all times.

About you...

You were once a rising star of the Metropolitan Police and were destined for great things at Scotland Yard. But then you were suspended after a slight mis-step and posted to a sleepy little village in the middle of whatever this place is called. You might not mind except there’s NO CRIME (apple scrumping doesn’t count) and you’ve been forced to create your own entertainment…

I’m Sierra Tango, but you can call me Constable. Two facts are clear to me. One, there’s been a murder. Two, somebody here is the killer. Three, as the highest ranking and indeed, only, police officer present I hereby take charge of this investigation. It’s lucky Lord Heathcliff summoned me here tonight - I might have missed all the excitement! I spend all day every day trying to find a scrap of crime in this village and there’s none. None! How is that even possible? If I can solve this, they might even let me back into the Met. Now, everyone line up. I’ll be needing fingerprints, DNA samples and a confession, if you have one.