You've been invited to play the role of Bernie in A Game of Murder in Moordoor. King Toffrey is throwing a banquet for his bride-to-be, Chastity, but before the feast can begin someone stabs him in the back! Join us in the throne room and gather round the great fireplace to find out who murdered the monarch…

Your costume suggestion

You disguise your fiery personality with a revealing red dress to complement your flame red hair. Big metal jewellery and a glowing orb help to make your spells more powerful.

About you...

You are flame-haired Bernadette Forest. Your gift for magick materialised on your fourth birthday when you immolated a birthday cake that didn’t impress you much. After the evacuation, your parents were left in awe of your talent and wondering what else you could do. Alas, family pets did not make good practice targets and you were forbidden from practising, until you later discovered how handy it was for starting log fires and burning argumentative sovereign tax collectors. After Merlin the Mage taught you how to control your powers, you torched him and took his surname. It’s not evil if you’re furthering your career.

I’m Bernie the Mage, and I’m a firestarter, a gifted firestarter. I had arrived in the capital to ask King Toffrey to appoint me in the position of Court Mage. It is very unfortunate that he is dead but I can assure you I didn’t do it. Daggers are for common-folk - I do not even own one. My weapon of choice is a fireball to the head. Is anyone else cold?