You've been invited to play the role of Chastity in A Game of Murder in Moordoor. King Toffrey is throwing a banquet for his bride-to-be, Chastity, but before the feast can begin someone stabs him in the back! Join us in the throne room and gather round the great fireplace to find out who murdered the monarch…

Your costume suggestion

Your dress is pure, white and virtuous - just like you. Flowers in your hair and around your neck celebrate your engagement to the King and you wear ornate gold jewellery as befits a future queen.

About you...

You were born and bred to be a future queen so it was very lucky for you that King Toffrey the Elder passed away shortly before you were of marrying age. His son, King Toffrey the Younger, is more handsome and less wrinkly but that hasn’t stopped you questioning what other worldly pleasures you might be missing out on. However, you have always accepted your fate with the quiet dignity of someone who knows she’ll always get her way…eventually.

My name is Chastity. I was King Toffrey's betrothed… until his tragic, violent, untimely death. I was born into a life of privilege and virtue - tutored by the finest scholars, admired by the finest noblemen, clothed in the finest silk knickers. As the once future Queen, my intention has always been to serve the people of this kingdom. As such, I spend my free time knitting by the fire and nursing abandoned kittens back to health.