Sheena Proudlegs

You've been invited to play the role of Sheena Proudlegs in A Game of Murder in Moordoor. King Toffrey is throwing a banquet for his bride-to-be, Chastity, but before the feast can begin someone stabs him in the back! Join us in the throne room and gather round the great fireplace to find out who murdered the monarch…

Your costume suggestion

A tight fitting leather bodice and short leather skirt aid you on the battlefield, while leather wristbands and metal studded arm wraps are the closest you get to jewellery. You carry a shield, but no sword.

About you...

You are the daughter of a rich noble who desperately wants to marry you off to continue his line. You, however, would much rather slay the King’s enemies on the battlefield with the lads. You know you’re as good a fighter as any man - better, in fact, than most - and you’re determined to prove it. You may not be beautiful, but you are deadly.

I’m Sheena, a fearsome shieldmaiden in the King’s army. When I’m not winning battles I meet numerous suitors who can’t wait to get their hands on my ovaries and wealth. Two days ago I received a letter from King Toffrey summoning me to the castle to be knighted. I thought it might be his way of apologising for the incident at Fenly but I was wrong. Last night, King Toffrey entered me in a special skills test. Hoorah!