Hugh Diddit

You've been invited to play the role of Hugh Diddit in A Very Merry Christmas Murder. Albi LeGrinch is hosting yet another lavish annual feast at his winter wonderland estate, but before the festivities can begin he’s found hung from the top of his own giant Christmas tree! Join us in the lounge-grotto to find out who lassoed LeGrinch…

Your costume suggestion

Smartly dressed in shirt, bow-tie, polished shoes and cuff links, you carry a white towel over your arm in case of emergency. Slicked back hair and a well-groomed moustache finish your impeccable appearance.

About you...

As a young boy, you dreamed of travelling to Africa to help primates. Unfortunately this day-dreaming meant your school grades were pretty awful and you ended up taking a job as a shop assistant in a busy department store. Christmas time was always horrendous but one day Albi LeGrinch came in and was so impressed with your service he offered you a job as his butler. Ironically, he was much less demanding than department store customers and he also looked a bit like a monkey, so you’ve been happy with the arrangement ever since.

I am the butler, Hugh Diddit. I have served here for many years for a stipend and I reside in the servants quarters - or “broom cupboard” as it’s colloquially known. I’ve seen the master in plenty of strange positions before, but to see him hanging at the top of the tree when I walked into the foyer this morning… well, I had to look twice just to make sure he was dead.