Nick Personas

You've been invited to play the role of Nick Personas in A Very Merry Christmas Murder. Albi LeGrinch is hosting yet another lavish annual feast at his winter wonderland estate, but before the festivities can begin he’s found hung from the top of his own giant Christmas tree! Join us in the lounge-grotto to find out who lassoed LeGrinch…

Your costume suggestion

You’re always on the clock and, as such, whenever you leave the house you dress up as Father Christmas - red trousers, red coat, red hat, flowing white beard and a sackful of who knows what.

About you...

Christmas was an altogether different affair for you, growing up in Athens, Greece. Christmas trees weren’t popular and the belief that the Killantzaroi (bad spirits) would try to haunt you for 12 days during the festive period put a dampener on things. But fortunately, after a steady diet of Hollywood films, you learned that Christmas was a lot more fun overseas and decided to become a travelling Santa impersonator. You’ve done so well, you’re now one of the most sought after Santas in the world!

I’m Nick Personas, the best Santa in the landa! I’m Greek so, whatever. Albi paid me handsomely to do this personal appearance for him and I’m looking forward to all of you sitting on my knee. One of you is definitely on the naughty list though.