Santana Baby

You've been invited to play the role of Santana Baby in A Very Merry Christmas Murder. Albi LeGrinch is hosting yet another lavish annual feast at his winter wonderland estate, but before the festivities can begin he’s found hung from the top of his own giant Christmas tree! Join us in the lounge-grotto to find out who lassoed LeGrinch…

Your costume suggestion

Due to a mishap at the airport, you’ve only got the outfit you wore to your last gig, which happens to be a Mrs Claus costume. Red skirt, red top, hat and green knee socks are given added bling by various gold chains and a massive pearl necklace.

About you...

Growing up poor in a Columbian ghetto, you dreamed of one day being a princess, surrounded by sparkling jewels and draped in sumptuous silks and sables. And so began your hungry drive for money, fame and diamond jewellery. You started off small, working the perfume counter at a department store, until you got your big break - a record exec shopping for his wife, who took one look at your scintillating smile and pronounced you a star. 

Hey everyone, I’m Santana Baby. You’ve probably seen me in the video for my hit single, All I Want for Christmas is Everything. Did you know the trapeze I’m swinging on in the video is made out of industrial grade tinsel? What a coincidence! But little old me couldn’t murder anyone. Talking of which, I’m devastated about Albi - we’d only just got engaged. My father disapproved of course but that was just one more reason for doing it!