Lil Darling

You've been invited to play the role of Lil Darling in Girls Just Wanna Have Guns. Heidi and Paul are throwing their pre-wedding parties at luxury spa and adventure resort, Pamper Island. But after one too many drinks, the bride and her entourage are invited to 'hunt the stag' with paintball guns - and best man Steve Wingman meets a grisly end! Can you find out who murdered him? Grab your guns and get ready for a facial at the luxury spa and adventure resort of Pamper Island!

Your costume suggestion

Prim and proper and well turned out, you’re normally dressed in a smart blouse with leggings or ‘skorts’ that accent your figure without being too sexy - that only happens if you take off your glasses and shake out your hair!

About you...

When you were young, you wanted to have lots and lots of children, but unfortunately all the men you dated weren’t interested in the same thing. So while you were waiting for your own flock to arrive, you decided what better way to pass the time than to teach primary school? Several years later, you’ve decided that you’d still like a couple of children but maybe not lots and lots anymore. Unfortunately you’ve had a terrible time trying to find the right man who would appreciate your after-work dominant side.

I’m Lil Darling, primary school teacher. I spend all day smiling and being kind to little children, so by night-time I’m grouchy, snarling for a drink and looking for people to be wicked to. If Steve was here now I’d have put him over my knee and smacked his bottom, he was a very naughty boy! I teach the bride’s little sister and when she saw how strung out I was, she invited me on this hen do.