You've been invited to play the role of REX CREERS in Simply Murder at the Garden Party. Sir Richard Flyson is holding an exclusive garden party and barbecue at his summer residence to demonstrate his latest invention - a vacuum powered strimmer called the Vrimmer. But when Sir Flyson flicks the switch - well, let's just say the sausages aren't the only things that got burned. It looks like murder... but whodunit?

Your costume suggestion

Tabloid journalists try to blend in with their surroundings so make a note of the party location and dress accordingly. And bring a pencil and notebook.

About you...

“Alright, everyone, my name’s Rex Creers - yes, that Rex Creers. You all know me as the loud-mouthed, opinionated, muck-dredging columnist from the Daily Dirt: “We bring you some of the news, all of the time”. Yeah, that’s me. I was here getting an exclusive on the launch of that Vrimmer thingamajig. I never dreamed it would turn out like this though. It’s a tough break for Flyson, but I’ll probably get the front page!