You've been invited to play the role of CASEY STUMBLES in Murder in the Roaring '20s. Gray Catsby has invited his most talented and wealthy friends to a charity gala event at his countryside residence, Catsby Hall. But before any dancing and donations begin, Catsby’s fiancée, Ginger Whiskers, is found dead in the dumbwaiter! Join the flappers and dappers to find out who finished her off!

Your costume suggestion

You like wearing uniform and for butlering, a tails suit, polished shoes and cufflinks suffice. An old pocket watch is your go-to timepiece and it fits snugly in your breast pocket along with a folded handkerchief for any emergency.

About you...

In your early life you performed exceptionally well at school and studied business at university. But you’d always wanted to join the Army, so you did. You rose through the ranks quickly and chose a specialty - bomb disposal. To begin with, you were brilliant but you soon realised the enormity of the job role and nerves got the better of you. Nowadays, even walking upstairs with a cup of tea seems hazardous, so you’re very, very careful…

Casey, Casey Stumbles - the butler. I’m happy to do your bidding, but right now I’m attending to a fairly incriminating clean-up job in the dumbwaiter. I was very fond of Ms Whiskers and it’s with great sadness I’m cleaning up after her for the last time. I did escort her to the dining room at around 5pm, as I was making my way to the guest bedroom of Chyna Balloons. A dove had somehow got in and was wreaking havoc. It took me about an hour to squash the little … sweet creature, out of the window. I heard nothing.