You've been invited to play the role of CHIP PUNCHERELLO in Murder at the Disco. New York, 1977. Hot nightclub Disco 54 is hosting a birthday and only the coolest people are there. But before anyone can 'get down on it', nightclub owner Doctor Disco is found dead in the VIP lounge! Join us to find out whodunit!

Your costume suggestion

You wear your motorcycle cop uniform - a beige open-neck shirt over a white t-shirt, with beige-coloured trousers tucked into black boots. Your gun belt and winning smile help you fight crime and your helmet protects your head.

About you...

Your first job as a grocery delivery boy in a tough neighbourhood immediately started you on mobile law enforcement. As you pedalled your heart out to get Mrs Robinson’s produce to her on time you’d often pull over to break up a street fight or worse. One day, after seeing your Raleigh Chopper get flattened by a man in a white van, you realized you were actually totally powerless, so joined the police force as a motorcycle cop to lay down the law. You also lay down a few tunes every Sunday with your band ‘The Village Men’.

I think my uniform gives me away somewhat...I’m Officer Chip Puncherello, full-time motorcycle cop and part-time singer in the band ‘The Village Men’. I met with Doctor Disco earlier today about new security arrangements for Disco 54. He was depressed about something. I said, “Young man, there’s no need to feel down,” and he said, “I’m 54 today,” which kinda killed the vibe. I didn’t realize his birthday was the same as the club’s.