You've been invited to play the role of CINDERS in A Big Murder, at the Manor. You’re invited to Heathcliff Manor, where Lord Heathcliff is hosting a small, intimate dinner party to celebrate his recent marriage. But before anyone can toast his happiness, Lord Heathcliff is killed with the candlestick in the pool room. Join us to solve the murder...

Your costume suggestion

Your uniform consists of a little black dress, white apron and fishnets but sometimes you’re more comfortable in your rags. Either way, you’re never without your feather duster.

About you...

You were raised in an orphanage, not knowing your mother or father. It was only when you turned 18 that the nuns revealed your mother was a unusual circus performer. You tracked her down just in time - and on her death bed she told you your father’s name. You infiltrated Lord Heathcliff’s staff so you could get to know him before telling him your true identity.

I’m Cinders. Most of you know that I’ve worked here for the last five years as a maid. What you don’t know is that Lord Heathcliff was my father, although there’s a funny story about him not knowing he had a daughter and me just turning up, but I’ll save that for later. I’m sure you’re all thinking I bumped him off for the inheritance but I haven’t seen the will and knowing him he probably left it all to his cat anyway. Besides, at the time of the murder, I was picking apples in the orchard.