You've been invited to play the role of PROFESSOR PEACOCK in A Big Murder, at the Manor. You’re invited to Heathcliff Manor, where Lord Heathcliff is hosting a small, intimate dinner party to celebrate his recent marriage. But before anyone can toast his happiness, Lord Heathcliff is killed with the candlestick in the pool room. Join us to solve the murder...

Your costume suggestion

Tweed jacket, leather elbow pads, glasses and an armful of textbooks show you’ve got your academic on. Brown corduroy trousers and last year’s Christmas jumper complete your look.

About you...

From an early age you wanted to be a writer. At 10 you were writing stories about football, at 15 you were writing stories about girls and football, and at 20 you were writing stories about quantum mechanics and wormholes. Needless to say, as your fiction became more difficult to digest for the masses, any popularity and support you had garnered began to fade away. Feeling your artistic career slip away focused your mind on becoming an English Professor instead, and you’ve been gainfully academically employed ever since.

Most of you already know me as Professor Peacock - the renowned academic, and frequent boardsitter of many examination authorities. I suppose you would say I was friends with Lord Heathcliff, in as much as I’d frequently back up his arguments even though they were entirely baseless. In return, I became his confidante in all matters fiscal and academic, but alas not estate planning. Recently I’ve been doing some research into some of you here and it appears that Lord Heathcliff had proper cause for concern.