Monsieur Parrott

You've been invited to play the role of Monsieur Parrott in Murder on a Train. In the coldest month of 1933, somewhere near the Austrian border, passengers aboard the Simpleton-Orient Express experience a murder that will change their lives forever! But who killed mysterious stranger John Doe? Join us to find out whodunit!

Your costume suggestion

You are a detective. You are the picture of eccentricity with your three-piece-suit, neat bow tie, shiny cufflinks, pince-nez, polished boots, overcoat, cane, Homburg hat, bald head and, of course, waxed moustache.

About you...

As a massive crime fiction fan you have devoted yourself to a life of deduction. Fortunately, you inherited an enormous amount of money when your father died. His success was partly down to his business acumen but also his criminal connections. Seeing the light and dark in your father made you search for answers in fiction books - and now, fully consumed with your role as detective, you dance between the light and dark sides too…

I am Irkel Parrott, the greatest detective mind in the world! Fear not my friends, for I will have this case solved in a jiffy bag. Firstly, I would like to see the victim’s personal effects! And secondly… my gun has gone missing. Although I did tell all of you it was under my bed in a lockbox, and revealed the combination, I think I know which one of you has it. The murderer, is het niet? (“Is it not?”)