You've been invited to play the role of LORRAINE DEARE in Simply Murder at the Christmas Party. Aunt Maud's won big on the lottery and she's invited her nearest and dearest to a lavish Christmas retreat at an exclusive country manor. But that's where Maud's luck runs out. Somebody's not happy with their present and Maud takes a face-dive into the Christmas turkey. Who killed her? It could be you...

Your costume suggestion

Your agony aunt essentials include glasses on a beaded chain, an enormous brooch and a floral summer dress even though it’s winter.

About you...

“I’m Lo Deare, resident agony aunt on Radio Beavers FM - you know, from the jingle? “If you’re upset, don’t give a dam, call Beavers FM, we’ll understand.” It made it to number 27 in the charts before they started counting downloads. Anyhoo, I’m here for anyone who wants to talk through their grief. Goodness knows Aunt Maud gave me enough when she was alive - she might as well carry on now!”