You've been invited to play the role of GENERAL KOPOV in Murder at the Cafe Resistance. It’s the end of the Second World War and the celebrations have begun. Herr Bevore is throwing a party at his favourite place - the Café Résistance - and everyone is invited, even his victors. But just before the party begins he is bumped off by an explosive Roquewurst sausage that has been left in his bedroom. You are invited to join us to help solve the mystery of the “Murder at the Café Résistance”

Your costume suggestion

GENERAL KOPOV - German officer (he’ll use any excuse for a strip search!) - Costume : Wearing a traditional German Officers uniform you find yourself celebrating for the last time in military attire. You console yourself with a fat cigar and a small German flag that you wave to keep your spirits up.

About you...

Use this information to introduce yourself to your fellow guests.

You are the friendly local German General who has become quite a regular at Franc’s café. You like to think you have made many friends here at the Café Resistance and now the war is over, it will be quite sad to leave them all and return to Germany.